Wednesday, February 06, 2008

about the dolls

Hello all,

A few of you have said you will make aliens. Awesome! It will be fun to see how they all turn out. No one has offered to make something else like a bird... or a horse... or a strong man. Other dolls are needed! I suppose aliens are the easiest and more fun, however, so if that's your thinking then carry on! How about a big red bus? That would be funny!

I'm going to add some fun here. You can also appear in the book if you make a giant cardboard bus for kids to play in (or anything else creative and related to one of my books - post your thoughts here). All I require is a photo and instructions for how it's made so that I can share it with the world on my lovely website. I haven't painted any crowd scenes yet so there's still time! Just answer here or pop me an email -

this is fun!


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