Tuesday, February 05, 2008

prompt promotion needed

So, I admit I have not embraced promotion the way that I should've for my most recent books, Bringing in the New Year and The Year of the Rat (ha-HA, how's that for a plug?). I've done zero book signings, zero appearances and zero interviews. Instead of going on a book tour, I went on a tour of China. Instead of searching and obtaining book reviews, I've reviewed restaurants. Ah, the life of an author in denial.

But strangely, my books have gotten a little attention. It was quite a thrill when my friend Amy(of editomato) sent me this:

And then another friend in Montreal sent me this:

Very cool! Very neat. Very...um, guilt inducing. Suddenly I am full of remorse as I realize both of my books are seasonal/holiday-oriented and that this holiday only comes once a year..and the year of the rat only comes once every twelve. What have I done? I have thrown my books out into the world without even trying to get them a good start in life. Eeks! Okay, I've got a little bit over 24 hours before Chinese New Year strikes--any suggestions?


Anna Alter said...

Thats cool that you got some coverage without having to do anything! Must be because the books are so fabulous.

Libby Koponen said...

I agree....and maybe for all the attention you've heard about, it's also receiving lots more that you haven't!

These publications and the bookstore window here in Mystic can't be the only places to be showing it off!

btw Year of the Rat is #1 on Kindle in several categories.

Maybe promotion by the author doesn't make as much of a difference as we sometimes think it does?

Anyway, I'm glad that the books are off to a good start in life.


alvinaling said...

Maybe you could try to put together a quick blog tour starting Thursday, in honor of Lunar New Year? Maybe some of our loyal blogging readers could host?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Love the big image of your book in the paper! Don't stress the promo stuff. Newspapers are the way to go. Signings are good, but they're time consuming and they don't reach a huge audience. Relax! Your trip to China sounds like the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Here's another review for you:




MotherReader said...

I was so excited to see the book in the Washington Post! Yeah you! I reviewed Year of the Rat over my way today, with a bonus look at a Chinese New Year celebration in my daughter's school. Hint: it involved us making a large cardboard dragon.

Anonymous said...

Saw you and Alvina in PW's Children's Bookshelf yesterday. So your trip to China not only was good for the soul, it was good for publicity. So there you go! :)