Wednesday, February 27, 2008

studio dreams

Earlier in the month, illustrator Rebecca Doughty invited Anna and I for tea at her studio. I looked forward to it with great anticipation, because I think seeing other people's studios are fascinating. My own studio always seems to be a work in progress, which is why I have never finished the "studio tour" portion of my website. It's only been under construction for three years.

And maybe that is because touring other people's studios is much more interesting. Rebecca's most certainly was. It was large, bright and airy--complete with a small lounge area and a gallery wall for her beautiful, small bunny paintings. I definitely began to feel twinges of studio envy. It made me want to go home and start hanging little paintings on the wall and rearrange the furniture.
Something tells me the studio tour on my website will need another three years.

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Meghan McCarthy said...

I've meant to update my studio tour for about 3 years too! I just never get around to it. You're right, it's way more fun to look at other studios!