Wednesday, February 13, 2008

author photos

So, I've been gone on already how this is an especially new year for me; and I have been embracing the idea of a fresh start. I've redecorated my house (am about to start a bathroom renovation!), canceling old projects, and starting new ones. It's the out with the old, on with the new mentality--which sounds trite but the symbolism of it all is fairly genuine. I guess I am striving for a new Grace --figuratively and literally!

And one of the things that I've done on this quest was to get my new author photos taken. As another symbolic gesture, I wanted a new look to them. So a friend of friend of mine, who is a professional photographer took them.

Now, this friend of friend, is great photographer. But I was a bit hazy about what I wanted. I just wanted it to be different from what I had before--calm, pleasant photos of me in a Chinese garden. So when I saw a red background available, I jumped on it. Red is the Chinese lucky color. And there was pattern on it, like my paintings. I told him it was an ideal backdrop because it was energetic and joyful.

So with that idea in mind, he began directing me and taking photos. They came out like this:
I was impressed, for little ol'me --and compared to my old pictures--it seemed like a visual transformation. My vanity was highly gratified, as I thought he made me look pretty good...but maybe too good? Somehow it didn't seem right for an author photo. When I told him this, he seemed a little confused (how can one look too good?) but agreed to take some shots less energetic and joyful.

Which got me this:
And made me laugh. Now I was a brooding children's book author. I told him something in between and finally got this:

Which I think I can use. Though I have a feeling I will have to try again. Because it is only now, after looking at all the photos that I think I know what the problem is. The red background which I pictured as Chinese New Year looks more like Victorian brothel. And that's probably not the setting most people expect the creators of their children's books to be in!

What do you think?


laurasalas said...

Grace, These are beautiful. I love the top one, especially, though the bottom one is lovely, too.

Um. The middle one looks like you're trying our for America's Next Top Model:>)

Good for you!

BTW, I just read and loved the simplicity of Bringing in the New Year and have The Year of the Rat on reserve at the library. Can't wait!

alvinaling said...

I love the top one! It's so cute and fun.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I don't know Grace... I don't see why you'd need to retake them. I really like the top one--it's fun! the bottom one is great too. The middle, once you mentioned Brothel, does give me that thought... but only because you mentioned it. Use them--they're great!

janeyolen said...

Top one definitely. Joyous, full of fun. Kids will want to meet you.


Daniel Mahoney said...

The top one definitely. It's so different from any author photo I've seen-and you'll definitely get the Daddy buying the book's attention! lol

Susan Sandmore said...

Victorian brothel! Ha!

The top one really caught my eye. You look magical! And no, it's not "too good"--like I'd be so disappointed if you couldn't command the weather or something if I showed up to see you in person.

I like your smile and the contrast of your dress more in the top one, too.

MotherReader said...

I love the top one. LOVE IT. I don't see Victorian brothel at all, and it's so fun. I also like the dress better - I think it's more subtle in the Asian aspect, but offers a better contrast in the photo.

I think you look just like a children's book author should look - lively and fun.

Erin said...

Top one rocks!
They're all really good, though.

Anonymous said...

Grace, you're beautiful! Pick the top one! You look joyous and alive and the wind and your hand add that visual tension that clicks the whole image into place. I LOVE the top shot!

rams said...

Keep the red! 1 or 3, but keep the red!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to jump in and say that I don't think the top one is too much! I like it. And someday I will actually get around to getting one of my own taken...

Anonymous said...

the top one rocks!