Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Andover Bookstore visit

Last Saturday I joined authors Anne Broyles, Kathleen Benner Duble, and illustrator Alexander Farquharson at the Andover Bookstore for a brief talk and book signing. I'd never been to this book store before and I have to say it was a very impressive store on a number of counts. I didn't realize going in that it is one of the oldest book stores in the country, founded in 1809. You can read about the history here. The building itself is really neat- an old converted barn with a working fireplace in the center, very conductive to curling up with a book.

The staff was just as great. As any author knows book store signings can be pretty hit or miss, especially on a rainy day. But the store did a great job of bringing folks in, adults and kids alike. Each of us talked for 10 or so minutes, then people asked questions and we signed books. Anne kindly brought in a make your hollyhock doll craft which she is holding above.

Definitely a recommended stop for author and book buyers alike!

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Libby Koponen said...

I remember that bookstore! They bought the books for the very first school visit I ever did. The people at the store were super-nice and the school was great: out in the country and made of unpainted, weathered wood (modern, not old) ....it looked sort of like a wooden castle as you drove up to it.

In one classroom, we all sat on the (carpeted) floor -- some of the kids sort of snuggled together while we read and talked and even sang the song the kids in BLOW OUT THE MOON sing on the last day of school, which this almost was. One of the kids played a little keyboard I'd brought -- I had written out the words and music. The teachers had done a great job of preparing the students and the whole thing was so high-energy and fun! I wish I had known in those days to take pictures and write down names, too.....but if anyone from that school or bookstore is reading this: thank you!