Wednesday, November 12, 2008

more music

I was in serious pain all afternoon (no thanks to the pain pills) so then I wasted the rest of my time making a new song. It's a rough draft. This is apparently how I'm escaping reality. Weird, right?

the other night I made 6 songs within a few hours... no accounting for quality

this is an odd one. Late at night I get odd


Libby Koponen said...

Meghan! I love Let's Go Downtown (for some reason I couldn't listen to the others, I'll try again). Thanks for posting. I wish you would make a CD of your songs, I'd buy it and I bet lots of other people would too. Or it could be the prize for contests on your Web site.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Hmm.. that could be because they're in different formats. I made one on my laptop and one on my new computer so one had to be done in a movie quicktime format and the other is in a musical format.

I wasn't planning on making a CD but I guess I could--though that would be hard to do since I'd have to make all the songs the same volume, etc. I wouldn't sell it. I'm not doing this to make money-- just to escape my crappy life.


Libby Koponen said...

I just tried again and this time could hear both perfectly...the only differnce was that the background was black in Land of Motion, white in Let's Go Downtown.

These are very fun! The "landlady making a fuss" made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

The second one is all about the people in my building. Believe me, landlady makes a fuss! And the people downstairs have the most ugly paintings hanging in the hallway EVER. I was going to document them and put them on my blog.