Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I'm in Montreal now, and I've noticed that (just like in the States) all the stores are starting their holiday decorations and sales earlier this year. The anxiety of the retail market is fairly palpable.

This makes me think of book promotion, and my own book in particular. I'd be lying if I said the sales of my upcoming novel didn't fill me with anxiety. I have a lot riding on it---the risk of printing it in color, a genre and length I have not done before, etc. etc.; and that is after all the personal emotions that are attached to it. With so much weighing on it, I'm already trying to think of book parties, contests and marketing ideas for it

But it also not available until June 2009. So all the hype that I am feeling is a bit...premature. Or is it? How soon is too soon to start promoting your book? Is it like the retail stores--the sooner the better? Or will people get sick of me talking about it and, by the time June rolls around, not be able to see the book cover without rolling their eyes?

What do you guys think? When is it too early? Never?


Anonymous said...

Me too. A picture book in June 2009.

I was thinking behind the scenes stuff now (design website?) and the more visible stuff later (show and tell, talks and maybe Independent Bookstore windows etc.)

I noticed that Fuse #8 mentioned the new book in her wrap up of Little Brown Library Preview. That was a very nice introduction!

How about Amazon? Is there anyway to see the cover of the new book when the name comes up? I like the anticipation of a little sneak peek!

Best wishes for the book,

Anna Alter said...

I for one don't think its too early! It takes so much time to put promotion ideas together, I think you are right on time by starting now.

Meghan McCarthy said...

I don't know the answer to that. Maybe give people small amounts of information as time goes by, but not too much at once. I think too much at once is what will get people sick of a book.

As for Amazon--it's the same thing as getting book covers and info into store data bases. The publisher sends a photo of the cover and sellers like Amazon will post it when the time comes. The author doesn't have control over things like that.

Grace Lin said...

Yeah, too much at once is probably problem is that I am so excited I feel like I want to talk about it NOW. Probably by the time the book actually comes out, I, myself, will be sick of it!