Monday, November 17, 2008

NY Times Best Illustrated

I don't have time for a real post this week--am scrambling to finish things up before I head off to San Antonio for the NCTE conference on Thursday, and then am off to CA for Thanksgiving.

Many of you probably saw that the NY Times announced their Best Illustrated Children's Books, and Wabi Sabi was among the honored. Last Tuesday we went to the new(ish) and very beautiful NY Times building for the cocktail reception. It was a wonderful event, and it was great to have the author, Mark Reibstein, there from CA, as well as Ed Young (it was his third time so honored by the NY Times), and their agent, the esteemed Edward Necarsulmer IV all there to celebrate.
Edward, Mark, Ed, and me


If you'll be at NCTE, be sure to stop by the Little, Brown booth and say hi!


Elaine Magliaro said...


Have a great time at NCTE--and Happy Thanksgiving!

WABI SABI is gorgeous! My friend who owns a children's bookshop here in Massachusetts thinks it's one of the best children's books of the year. Both of us love it. It has poetry in both text and art. What a wonderful book of haiku. I'm planning to write a review of WABI SABI for Wild Rose Reader.

Anonymous said...

I had enough envy of people who made the NYT Best Illustrated List before I knew that there was a cocktail party, too. Damn!