Friday, November 21, 2008

distracted yet again

Well, it seems that my distraction continues. I went from making music (had to give that up because my friend needed to borrow my mic - and YES I went through withdrawal) to watching the X-Files nonstop. Ugh! I can't believe it's over! Now what? I miss that show so much and it's been yanked from me... or rather, I finished watching all the conspiracy episodes.

This leads me to wish something would happen with my sci-fi novel. Perhaps I should write another. This time it can be about ... aliens! I'm kidding. Sort of. Maybe. Maybe not.

Another distraction has been, believe it or not, the recent booksignings I've embarked on. There are booksignings and then there are BOOKSIGNINGS, which involve things such as wine and white cloth covered tables and fancy little food items on fancy little plates. Yeah, those are the ones I've been doing. And somehow I always get sandwiched between two very successful adult authors. They're either bestselling or famous or both... and then there's me. I wonder what I'm doing at those things? At the last one I was frightened of the sushi that was served and the other little meat sandwiches. I also asked for a beer when almost everyone else was drinking the bubbly. Oh well. The good part was that these other authors have been great to talk to. They don't seem to mind that I'm out of my league at all! And the attendants have also been very welcoming. As much as I like to whine about doing these things, one can't complain too loudly about the upper east side signings. So if you're out there organizers, I'll do another... as long as I'm warned about the attire. I recall that I did one last year and wore unacceptable shoes. Peter Brown was there as well, which made things more fun. He said he was not allowed to go in the time before because he wasn't wearing a tie. Hmm. Go figure. Anyway, the one I did this week was fine to go to in jeans... I THINK.



Natalie said...


I just got an issue of Scholastic's Instructor magazine (for teachers) and your book is featured under "4 Riveting Biographies"!

It says:
"The horse that held the reins of imagination a few years back gets another shot in this bio aimed at the My Little Pony set. And we'll take this version, please, which is light on the melodrama, heavy on the facts, and right on with the silly."

Of the 4 books mentioned, yours is the only one with a photo of a double-page spread.

Congratulations on the kudos!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Ooh, really? No one told me that! If you have the chance could you scan it in and send it to me? My email is

thanks for telling me!

Natalie said...

Sure--I'll send you an email.