Sunday, November 02, 2008

Question of the week: Whats on your mind?

GRACE: For some reason, I have been thinking about moving to Portland, ME. I have only been there twice, but I keep thinking maybe it is the perfect small city for me to move to--fun, artsy and less expensive than where I am living now. I'm not planning on moving anytime very soon, but I am starting to make a list of places to look at where I could have a better/as good as lifestyle with a cheaper cost of living. Anyone have any suggestions?

ANNA: The election is just about all I can think about. I can't believe it is happening in a mere few days! Listening to NPR coverage of it all while I work has been such a big part of my day, I think I will actually miss it. But still, I can't WAIT to march into the voting booth and cast my vote.

ELAINE: I'm with Anna. What's on my mind? The presidential election, the smear and fear politicking of the McCain campaign, the sad state of our economy. I'm glad I have The Daily Show, Colbert Report, other programs, and Tina Fey to make me laugh about what's going on. Otherwise, I think I'd blow a gasket! Thank heavens for NPR and C-SPAN, too.

Here's a link to a funny video I watch at least once a day. The video is entitled The McCain Wander Mr. Puddles I Have Snausages. It cracks me up every time I see it.

ALVINA: Yes, election stuff, definitely. Other than that, this past week I was trying to figure out what to be for Halloween--afterall, it was one of my more silly New Year's Resolutions to dress up, and by golly, I did. I'll try to post my costume tomorrow...

LIBBY: I've never been this eager to vote! I'm wishing I'd done it early, but I wanted to do it on the day, to be THERE when our history finally (after decades of wrong turns) changed  for the better. But I'm not as confident now as I was. And so the superstitious part of me is wondering how I will protest if votes aren't counted fairly or polls are so crowded that some people can't vote: play the Jimi Hendrix  "Star Spangled Banner"over and over at top volume; run out into the street banging pots and pans and screaming; march on Washington with old friends who did it decades ago and new ones who are (like me) going for the first time? But I will do something. And if Obama and Biden win, I will, too; my days of being part of the problem are over. 


nelsong said...

re:grace moving
Why would anyone involved in kid lit move anyplace but Western MA?

Grace Lin said...

I have been thinking of Northampton--but I like the idea of being close to water. I think I have to visit Northampton some more, since it seems to be the mecca of children's book authors/illustrators.

A. Snodgrass said...

Check out Austin, Tx... for artsy, fun, a strong writing community, and a lower cost of living.

Anonymous said...

Come west!

There are a nice gang of author/artists in the Bay Area. Look at Sebastopol and communities just outside of communte distance to San Francisco.