Wednesday, August 02, 2006

One painting done... a LOT left to go!

We all have days when we are supposed to post. This is not my day. On my day I will probably have nothing to say. This is typical.

Anyway, here's a finish (the title pg) for my book called Strong Man. It should be coming out next summer... I guess... if I get the thing done. It's a biography (my first!). I'll talk more about that some other day.

I usually listen to NPR or an audio book while I paint. I used to listen to music but that would make me antsy and then I wouldn't get anything done. Two great audio books I've listened to lately (not kids's books!) are-- ENEMY WOMEN (historical nonfiction)--a very different perspective on the civil war and THE MEMORY OF RUNNING--a great book that takes place in RI, my home state!--it's a sad but hopeful book and kind of funny.

If any of you have any good audio book recommendations, please pass them my way!

meghan aka gloria who you won't hear from again until sat!


Meghan McCarthy said...

that's historical FICTION not nonfiction. duh.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

My favorite audio book is Fred Chappel's "Look Back All the Green Valley." I love the story, but also one of my favorite narrators.

Anonymous said...

I recently checked out Amy Tan's The Kitchen God's Wife audio book at the library--lovely voice, perfectly nuanced for each character.

I listened to it in the car while driving my friend's little three-year-old home every day. Long after it was returned, she kept asking to "listen to that lady some more."

Linda S. Wingerter said...

And did I forget to mention, the title page is awesome! I love your work, as you know...