Wednesday, August 09, 2006

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Our Question of the Week: What's on your desk? is being answered throughout the week by all of us. So, that entry down there is getting passages added onto it every day...keep checking on it. This will be the usual format for question of the week, so hopefully something fun to keep you coming back.

If anyone has a question they'd like us to answer for next week (or the weeks to come) please ask now in the comment section. Any question is fair game, from what flavor ice cream we like best to what we think of agents. Ask away!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Not a "question of the Week," but I'm wondering if your blog is intended for visitors to regularly interact with the posters via the comments, or if it is rather a place to "eavesdrop" on your conversations and interact by posting weekly questions?

Grace Lin said...

hmm, that is a good question. I think the blog is intended for interacting via comments on specific topics (as well as eavesdropping) and the weekly question is to help us blog about topics that people are interested in. Girls?

Anna Alter said...

Oh yes, I'd say definitely interact. Its fun and interesting to hear about other people's thoughts and questions!

alvinaling said...

Yes--interact away! The buzzword of the conference this past weekend was "community" and everyone contributes to and benefits from a community.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

The interaction has been terrific. More please.

mbpbooks said...

What's the one best thing you've ever done (or seen someone else do) when it comes to promoting a book?

P.S. As my maiden name was Bose, and I have two wonderful sisters who are my best buddies, we are now thinking of starting a joint blog called "Brown Bose Girls" ... any copyright infringement?

Meghan McCarthy said...

I don't think anyone should feel like they're eavesdropping! I'd like to think of this blog as a launch pad for conversation. The more the merrier--that's my vote!


Nancy said...

BR Girls,

What distracts you the most?

What outside influences do you use to keep yourselves focused (mine is a particular piece of music)?

What have you created that surprised you as soon as you saw it "on paper"?

Have you ever thrown out something you've created (or locked it away for a long long time) and then become nostalgic for it? Did you recreate it or resuscitate it?

Okay, those are my questions for now... Hope they help! Loving this blog!