Tuesday, August 29, 2006

weird things never finished

So I was checking my website stats as I do on occasion and saw one hit for "the other website." I though, "What on earth is that?" and then I remembered!


What scares me is that someone found this! It's hidden darn it! I didn't even fix the typos.

This is an example of ambition going nowhere. Or A.D.D. Or who knows what. Perhaps I was feeling a little devilish that day. Needless to say, the other site never happened. Instead I decided to put that "other stuff" on what is now "the lounge" which is also currently neglected (except for the fireside chat).

Here's another thing that makes me sad that I haven't finished--

Have any of you started any projects that just never happened? Have you wished that you finished? Do you start new things as a form of procrastination? I know I do!


p.s - what's with that "head on... apply directly to the forehead" commercial and what is it advertising??????


Erin said...

Oh, lots of stuff - mainly stories I begin and write a couple of pages of before deciding they're trash. :)

Nancy said...

that picture is amazing...

Anonymous said...

Blog posts, actually. Even blog comments, sometimes. There's always more to say, but if I don't hit "Publish" the same minute I started it . . .

Well, some comments and posts I go back for. :)


alvinaling said...

4 or 5 years ago I decided that I wanted to learn to knit, so I bought the needles and yarn and my cousin showed me, and I got a tenth of the way through knitting a hat, and then I forgot how to do it and the yarn and the partially made hat is still sitting on top of my desk as a painful reminder of something I never followed through with and finished.

And yes, gorgeous painting!

Libby Koponen said...

Yeah-- sometimes they weren't worth finishing and sometimes maybe they are. I hope that the ones that ARE worth finishing will get finshed someday. Some things, though, I think really are best just thrown in the garbage. When I moved I threw out several garbage bags full of old writing--with a huge feeling of relief (sort of like the feeling you get when you've had long hair and get it cut short: LIGHTER and freeer.

I hope you finish the painting, though -- and your novel, too!

Agyw said...

Meghan, a few things. First that DAMNED commercial. It's a topical headache analgesic. I've not used it, but a friend tells me if you rub it on your forehead, you'll taste GARLIC. The ad is effective, G and I have been going around hollering the the last three days (and I've heard comics make reference to it-- made me think of the book The Tipping Point, actually). My onery, I want to rub it on my butt, and told the kids so. Oh well, stupid is as stupid does!

I have DOZENS of projects I want to bring to fruition (want to do a couple of GNs of historical events-- I grew up on comic books and love history, so it's not so far-fetched). Have to sell some work to enable that, the research alone will take a good solid lump of time and investment. The picture book on animal's shrinking habitat, I have a few animal husbands and the Roger Tory Peterson Museum say they would help me on accuracy. I think the funniest thing for me is credibility.

My immediate family has NEVER taken me seriously. They accept my WEIRDNESS, but they don't understand it. So when I get these ideas and I find credible people saying: "Ooooh, I'll help you with that!" It's exciting, but also a bit of a disconnect.

The immediate influence has more often than not had the biggest influence, so I tend to drop things before I get to the point where I need the input of others. Their input trumps the positive.

I also take my own time, not what other people do. They think that most of what I do is a straight path, when it's much more bendy. Especially in light of familial duties. So yea, there's somethings that don't get realized. What I realized at about 32, not finishing was NOT the real problem. It was using other people's definitions, especially people without ADD, who did not create, define too much of what and if I did.

That is a beautiful painting of Liz. You have a real sensibility of the nostalgic, because even though that's a retro piece, it feels very fresh. I do hope you finish. And great going on the Dreamweaver. I'm trying to wrap my mind around it and I'm finding the elastic brain isn't nearly as stretchy as it used to be.