Thursday, December 21, 2006

back from the dead... or the other side of the earth

Perhaps no on noticed that I disappeared for a bit. I haven't had time to read the blog never mind post. It has been crunch time. No more playing around. No more laughter. No more watching TV.

Well, dear readers, I am all most done .


The problem with doing a nonfiction book is that it is never really done until it goes to print. I'm constantly fact checking... and other people are fact checking... and there are the little details... the author's note... and so on. I'm not saying that fiction is easier, but it is easier for me in lots of ways. It's a lot less work. I feel like I'm back in school lots of times now--Staying up and writing those late night papers.

The school comment reminds me of when I was in my early years. As I've admitted before, I sometimes google myself. What I find the most exciting is seeing my book on reading lists. Kids across the country are using my books to learn! When I was a youngster I was not a stellar student. I did a bit too much daydreaming. It makes me giddy to think that someone like me can be making books that kids are using in school. Wow.

Since I am almost done with my book my insane goals for before Christmas include--
1) Making my usual "Christmas" music mix (no, there is no Christmas music on it)
2) Finishing up one of my many half songs that I've been making on garage band (perhaps if I get the guts I'll share one of them with you all. Maybe).
3) Finishing "aliens on audio" before the end of the month
4) Putting up a preview for my new books...and for Mona Lisa, which needs to be highlighted on my site (I wanted to do this 3 months ago!)
5) Relax for god sake! What is wrong with me? I need a break! Why am I adding more goals on?

Okay, the list above is more like me talking to myself so I'm done with the blog for now. When I start "thinking" out loud I know it's time to move on. Stay tuned for some funny comments on my proofs. I have some other book process things to share as well.

until then

p.s- why are there some many ads about Chia Pet late at night this month? Does it make for a wonderful holiday gift? Is that why? Do I need one?


Anonymous said...

Chia pets! That's so crazy you mentioned them. The commercials have been on lots lately and suddenly, I've been feeling like I absolutely MUST own the one of the guy with the Chia afro and buy several for my friends.

Anonymous said...

They must be making a comeback. I saw a Shrek Chia Pet in the grocery store last week. I thought it was kind of weird, though, because you're growing hair on a character that doesn't have any. At least with the original Chia Pet, you're growing fur on an animal that would, in reality, have some. But who am I to judge?

alvinaling said...

Grace gave me the Chia Herb Garden one Christmas, which I loved, but it didn't look very Chia at all (wasn't weirdly-shaped or anything) and I used it until I left it too close to the window during the cold weather and it died. :(

Anonymous said...

I fell asleep watching TV last night and was awakened by the "Chchch...chia pet" song. What a perfect gift for someone who has everything. Who couldn't use a Scooby Doo with herbs growing on it's head! :)


Rita said...

My brother made all his wedding's centerpieces (very gorgeous), but at the table where I sat, instead of flowers, he put a chia head.