Wednesday, December 13, 2006


While some BRGs are baking cupcakes, I will be packing. We’ve had some good times in this cottage, but it’s never been a good place to write, for reasons with which I will not bore you, our loyal readers.

So what makes a space good to work in? When I lived in Boston, I had a small apartment in Back Bay. My desk was in a bay window – to the left, I saw a playground, to the right, a private school; and all day long in front, children walking from schools and day care centers TO that playground. No two children ever moved the same way – they hopped, skipped, jumped, ran, danced – forwards backwards sideways – holding hands, by themselves, grabbing or tagging or leaning on each other; the high energy was the only constant. The room had high ceilings and EIGHT huge windows and was filled with light. This was a perfect writing space (except for the rent)....the Hollywood version is the apartment in FEVER PITCH--needless to say it looked NOTHING like my apartment, but the real front steps are in the movie and my apt. was what they used to place the windows etc. Supposedly. I never did actually see what friends called "the movie about Libby's apartment" but they reported that it looked nothing like mine.

….. and next week I’m moving to another movie site. This is the new space as it looks right now --

imagine it painted either sunny or pale lemon yellow.

The apartment has: ten windows, South light, a view (okay, slightly industrial & including a water tower but still a view) of the Mystic River; and a real old-fashioned window seat – you can't see it in the picture,but it's there: the top lifts up and there is storage space underneath…..and there are plenty of walls for my 12 (perhaps soon to be 13 now that I have the space?) bookshelves.

But what really makes this a good space for me to work in is the light -- and the sense and feeling of space: not just all around me and to look at, but drawers and cupboards where I can stow all my stuff. Light and open space are what I want most in a workspace. What about you?


Anonymous said...

You’re really at the old set from Mystic Pizza? How cool is that! Be sure to show us more photos after you’ve moved in. Looks like a great space. I wish I had room for 13 bookcases!

What was important to me was lighting and a view. But my view is just of the backyard, so not much action going on except the dogs. We built the studio ourselves, so I got to put windows right where I wanted. Before we built it, I actually staked off the foundation and put 2x4’s where I wanted windows so I could I could sit where my drawing board and computer would be and visualize exactly what the view would be like. I made sure I could see the fountain from my drawing board. I have some pictures of it posted on my blog.

Thanks for sharing Libby,

Anonymous said...

I love Mystic, and Mystic Pizza, too! it's a great town, and it looks like a lovely space. It's essential to have LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT in a workspace (or is it just me, blind as I am?). Storage, too. We spent the whole spring and summer ripping down one side of our house this year to bring it in light, though we lost a lot of storage in the process. I think I was storing too much stuff, anyway. It's here:

Elaine Magliaro said...


Your apartment looks lovely. Nice woodwork! My work space is not filled with natural light. When I retired in 2004 and brought all my stuff home from school, I needed a place to organize my thousands of children's books. Building an addition would have been too costly. So I opted for an office/library in my basement.

But it is a nice space to work in. It has walls painted a creamy color--so it's warm and bright. It has ten floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a wooden floor, and a lovely stairway. My niece's husband did a beautiful job with the carpentry.

I am happy working/writing down here. It is so good to finally have all my books out of their boxes and bins--and to be able to find things easily when I need them. Now my husband and I don't have to share the same space. We both tend to make a mess when we're working.

We even had our Thanksgiving dinner for twelve in my library.

Meghan McCarthy said...

Libby, this looks great! I love wood floors and lots of windows. Congrats!

the BRG needs to visit and get some famous pizza!

alvinaling said...

I think the apartment is across the street or a few blocks away from Mystic Pizza.

It looks gorgeous, Libby! I'm looking forward to some great BRG retreats there--with pizza!

Libby Koponen said...

YThanks everyone. And yes, it's a couple of blocks away from the movie (and real and still there) restaurant. Thanks for the commments--very reassuring and yes, BRGs COME VISIT SOON. I love our retreats.

Liz & Gail: GREAT spaces, great values--I love the idea of ripping down walls to get light & starting the whole thing where the windows should be.