Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Linda Sue Park weighs in

Just wanted to point out the comment section of Grace's post "Ordinary" below. Let's keep the discussion going!


Anonymous said...

I just have to say I don't think you're helping further the discussion by highlighting the fact that she commented. The regular readers of this interesting blog will seek out all the comments with interest. There are a lot of writers, illustraters and bloggers of unknown origin who have posted interesting reponses here. Making a big to-do that a famous writer commented could possibly have the negative effect of causing more well known bloggers to hesitate before posting a simple reply.

alvinaling said...

I'm sorry, I thought that it was relevent, since Grace's post was inspired by Linda's talk--I wasn't highlighting it because she's a "famous writer." I myself missed the additional comments until this morning, and I think once posts get pushed down the page, the discussion seems to die down. Anyway, I apologize if highlighting this had a negative effect, I hope people are not afraid to contribute and comment.

Abigail Marble said...

I have always appreciated the notes that remind me to look back at interesting discussions. You're right, Alvina -- when things drop down the page, they get lost. It's a shame!

I have a blog-format suggestion along those lines, actually: some blogs I read have filing notes at the end of each entry, so that if a reader is interested in a particular topic, she can gather up everything that shares the same file name. For example, if I were looking for something I might remember that, say, Anna wrote it, and it was about Creative Process. If it was filed under those headings, I might have a better chance of rediscovering it.

Don't know how hard it is to set up your blog that way, but I would find it useful!


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the call outs to particular discussions. I do not always dig regularly in the comment sections.


Anonymous said...

As a regular reader of this blog I try to read all the posts, but sometimes they just slip by. Reminders are nice! I don't feel a big to-do was made at all. I find many posts interesting, whether from someone famous or unknown, but I have to admit one on the things that draws me to this site is the opportunity to "talk" with "famous" people I would never get the chance to otherwise.

I have found the community of children's lit to be full of wonderful people willing to share so much. I have met many new friends through message boards and blogs whose opinions I value. The fact that today's technology opens these doors for us is so cool. I hope to continue reading everyone’s contributions and comments. The fact that someone who was mentioned as an "inspiration" can reply, certainly piques my curiosity. Now I'm heading over to the post that stared this, because I notice there are now 16 replies.