Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Three Silly Chicks & a Chicken Poem

Well…I was the fortunate one to receive a delicious chocolate and peppermint prize two days before Christmas for my entry in the Three Silly Chicks first caption contest. After I found out I was the contest winner, I wrote the Silly Chicks to tell them that I’d try to find an “old moldering” silly chicken poem for them. The holiday intervened—and so I didn’t go searching through my poetry folders until this afternoon.

Everybody’s In! is the only silly poem I could find with any reference to chickens. I now dedicate the poem to the Three Silly Chicks: Andrea Beaty, Julia Durango, and Carolyn Crimi.

(An old moldering poem by Elaine Magliaro)

The cows are in the pasture,
The sheep down in the glen,
The dog is dozing in the sun,
The pigs are in their pen.

The bees are busy in their hive,
The ducks are in the pond.
The chickens? All are in the coop—
Except for one…that’s in the soup!

Andrea, Julia, and Carolyn: I hope you have a fine—not foul—NEW YEAR!


Three Silly Chicks said...

What a delightful gift for Boxing Day, to find your lovely chicken poem! Makes us feel all fluffy and yellow inside! And outside!

Best of all great wishes for a Happy New Year to you and all the Blue Rose Girls!

We love your blog!

The Three Silly Chicks!

Rita said...

This poem is great!! :D :D

RosahRescue said...

poor little hen that ended up in the soup ;-)