Saturday, December 30, 2006

What are your resolutions?

It's almost a new year! What are your writing resolutions? Here are some of mine:

1. I will not use reviews, royalty statements, marketing budgets or amazon rankings to determine the quality of my book(s) or ability.

2. I will not feel icky for marketing and promotion, I will accept it as part of this career. Emphasize "part." Meaning, I will not get down on myself for not doing more, as well.

3.I will be more patient with my beloved husband and remember that it is hard for others to realize that when you are staring out the window, you are working.

4. I will back up my files and keep all drafts of my writing.

5. I will celebrate small victories. An e-mail from a fan, a publication, a shiny foil cover are achievements that should be remembered.

6. I will not be late for any of my events, and will remember my tendency to get very lost more than 15 minutes before my expected arrival time.

7. I will not feel guilty about making money. Book sales, school visits, speaking fees, advances and royalties is how I make a living and support myself (and my husband). Just because it's for children doesn't mean I should do it for free.

8. I will spend less time blogging!!

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