Friday, May 25, 2007

ALMOST finished stuff... and... the secrets behind strong man?

None of these are quite finshed... but the were good enough to drop off at my publisher... for now.

And here we have the typical case. The frantic painting me always gets paint on everything. I've ruined lots of clothes!

Lastly, someone asked about Strong Man juicy stuff. I have some. But I can't talk about it here. Strong Man was long in the making and LOTS happened before it found a happy home. If you want to here the gossip, come to my party and I'll tell you! Thankfully, my wonderful publisher snatched up my book after it had been badly beaten and happily published it. And it payed off! It got its first starred review out of the gate. No one can complain about that.


ps I might post the address and put a map on my website along with other strong man party info. If I do I'll let you all know! I just don't want anything showing up on google. If I put the address on my website and take it off in a few days google shouldn't find it.


Anna Alter said...

Ooo I love the new paintings! Especially the first one, really interesting composition.

Rita said...

These illustrations are gorgeous. I love them completely.


Libby Koponen said...

Oh, Meghan, I love these! Where is the little blond girl who was in one of the sketches? I hope there are more pictures of her, too.

Linda S. Wingerter said...

That is way cool. Except for the paint on the clothes. I hate that.