Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A Blue Rose visit

Last week we had the pleasure of a mini-Blue Rose Girl get together out here in sunny SF. Alvina was on her way to a conference and stopped by to meet the newest, very tiny Blue Rose Girl (chunky arms and all):

We strolled to Dolores Park to get ice cream at my favorite spot and see San Francisco in bloom:

And of course there was reading time for Tilda from a stack of adorable Little Brown board books. She loves to look at animals:

All in all a lovely visit, and one of our last before heading home. We'll be back on the East Coast in May!


Libby Koponen said...

She's really looking at the book! And she is so adorable.

Anna Alter said...

Thanks Libby! Yes she's really interested in books now, she loves to gaze at the pictures.

Anonymous said...

That baby is just so precious!

Do you prefer living in MA? Your time in CA has just flown by, it seems.