Thursday, April 07, 2011


I'm finally getting around to doing them. Yes, I like to cut it close. I've dumped all of my receipts onto the floor. It's a HUGE pile. I'm just curious--how long does it take you to do your taxes? How long does it take to add all the receipts up?


Nina Laden said...

Ha ha. It takes me about three months of procrastination (after my accountant mails me my "organizer.") and it takes one very long day to actually dump it out, drink super strong coffee, add up the stupid numbers, get the info to the accountant, and then drink vodka.

Naomi Canale said...

Good luck Meghan! Adding up receipts for me takes up a lot of time! I'm trying a new thing this year tho, Hopefully it'll be a safe way to do my taxes a little easier next year :)

Anonymous said...

Usually a full day of whining, organizing, making panicked phone calls, making snacks, and "tabling" various pieces of the tax process.

Doing the math and filling out the forms (still on paper, thankyouverymuch)? Probably an hour or two!

Meghan McCarthy said...

Well, I finished them. I'm pretty pissed actually. I spent all day and all night expecting not to have to pay taxes because i had 8,000 dollars worth of healthcare expenses alone. I spent 2,000 on medication! Do you guys know how much my 8,000 saved me? 500 dollars! That's it. I don't want to be all ranty today but I'm so irritated by this government. They waste money left and right. When I drive in the city there are potholes EVERYWHERE. Instead they'd rather spend money re-naming bridges, which means all the signs need to come down and new ones need to go up. My tax dollars are being wasted! Waste, waste, waste! So I didn't think after all of my deductions that I'd have to pay anything. Oh, but not so. My medical suffering means nothing. IF I didn't have healthcare through my W2 job then I think I could have saved a lot more money by saving 100% of it. I think it's really unfair. I obviously have the job JUST for healthcare!

Okay, okay, rant over!

Feel free to rant about taxes and our government here.


Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh, and of course right now all of our gov. might be shut down because there's more waste going on right now. Grrrrr!!!!