Friday, April 22, 2011

CHICK CHATTER: An Original Mask Poem

Well, I finally figured out how to solve all the problems that I've been having with Blogger over the past few weeks. Yesterday, I changed a blog setting from "old editor" to "updated editor." That was all I needed to do! I wish I had figured it out sooner.

Today I have an animal mask poem. In Chick Chatter, a chick is talking from inside its shell. Poor thing is quite frustrated because it hasn't been able to hatch itself no matter how much pecking it has done.

I’m pecking, pecking
On this dome.
I’m cramped inside
My little home.
Can’t spread my wings,
Can’t run…or walk.
Can’t see the sun.
Can barely talk!
Oh, I’ve been pecking
Since last night.
This shell is really
Really tight!
I just can’t stand it
Oh where? Oh, where
Is my front door?!

©Elaine Magliaro, all rights reserved

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Mary Lee said...

Poor little chick! Hope you're out and free now!

Unknown said...

It's exhausting work, hatching. Sometimes the little guys need to take a breather when they get the first bit of a hole punched through to the air. Now I want to experiment tapping on the inside of a shell with what I imagine is a chick's power.