Sunday, October 15, 2006

find the spotted dog

Chris Van Allsburg has a new book out. Whether you love it, hate it, or are neutral about it is irrelevant to my little game, which I will call "find the spotted dog." In every book (I couldn't find him in one, but I know he MUST be there) there is a spotted dog. Even in the Two Bad Ants you will find this dog. Sometimes this dog is a piece of pottery... or a toy... or a tiny floating speck... and sometimes he's an actual dog. If you'd like to play my game, tell me where the dog is in every book you can get your hands on. I can't remember the book I can't find the dog in, but I'll let you know soon. That book, especially, I would like to know where the dog is.

Get hunting!

In a similar topic, do you illustrators out there feel the need to sneak something into your illustrations?



Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

Absolutely! My books are full of pictures of relatives,friends, my furniture, toys, pets, etc... regurgitation (spelled that wrong, I'm sure) of my personal life....

Elizabeth O Dulemba said...

Oh yeah! My dog, Bernie, makes a good showing. He's in both the picture books I have out now. At readings, I always have the kids yell "Hi Bernie!" when we get to the page he's on in "Glitter Girl and the Crazy Cheese." Which would scare him to death actually. He's quite neurotic.

Stephanie Ford said...

I posted a key on my blog so if you're still having trouble finding the dog you can check there for help.