Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Question of the week is:What do you wear while you are working?

Our newest question of the week is: What do you wear while you are working?

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ALVINA: Well, unlike the other Blue Rose Girls, I work in an office, so I'm required to wear "business casual" (although I interpret this loosely). Sometimes I wear business-like skirts with heels and button up shirts, sometimes more casual flowy skirts and tidy T-shirts. In the summer I love my sundresses, colorful skirts, tank tops. In the colder weather I love my velvet blazers--one black, one maroon. And jeans on casual Fridays. I like the variety--sometimes I like dressing up and feeling grown-up and professional, and sometimes I like being casual and laid-back.

GRACE: Hmm, on "home days"-- days where I am painting, drawing and writing at home, I have a bad habit of wearing my pajamas. I try not to do that anymore because it's really embarassing to get packages from the UPS man in my fuzzy flannels. But I do have an occasional pajama day slip in here and there...

For school visits, I try to look a bit nicer (as I say in my "why looks matter" post). Last year, when I was putting up my school visit photo gallery, I realized that I was wearing the same outfit to every visit. It was pretty funny but made for a thin gallery viewing! I've since then gone shopping.

ANNA: I make a point of not wearing my pajamas all day, although I could, its just too tempting to curl up and take a nap in the middle of the day. Though the outfits I change into are not much better... usually jeans, t-shirts and a sweatshirt. I will try to look grown-up and adult for school visits and the like, but the second I get home those clothes are off and I'm back in my t-shirt and jeans. Sometimes I feel I should look more sophisticated, but then I get all caught up in putting together my clothes and it distracts from working. Maybe I'm just too easily distracted.

MEGHAN: I laughed as soon as I read this! Here's a rundown of my days when I'm not working at B&N and when I don't have to go to PT. I get up. I make a hot drink (used to be coffee but trying to avoid the caffeine). I watch the morning shows such as The View (even though Rosie is taking over the show). Then I do the email thing. Then I might start painting although lots of times I leave that to the night shift. I don't get dressed until 3 or 4, which is when I get ready to go running in Central Park (although I'm not supposed to be running because I'm injured). This means I wear my pajamas while working. "Pajamas" mostly consist of my workout pants and a tee-shirt. When I get dressed it's the typical jeans and a snap shirt. Yeah, love the western shirts. I see NO need to get dressed except if I'm not dressed I won't answer the door to get packages, which is a problem.

LIBBY:I love the way all the BRGs dress so I was very curious about the answer to this question. It's true that when I've seen Meghan, she has been wearing jeans and a great looking snap shirt.

I wish I could pull of that look! When I'm doing a school visits I spend a lot of time getting ready -- I wear what *I* think would be fun, but do things like iron the clothes and blow dry my hair and REALLY THINK about the whole effect. I keep trying on until I am satisfied.

On writing days, which are most days, alas just pajamas (as you know from my other post I see no need to change out of these for a bike ride) or jeans & a REALLY WARM top -- I live in an insulated beach cottage. Under everything thin silk. But what I would like to wear instead of these layers is a padded silk jacket, navy/midnight blue outside and bright pink inside, maybe with a small bright green or gold dragon embroidered on a wrist -- & matching trousers: the jacket loose and swingy with great lines and the trousers baggy and everything snuggley. In real life, on really cold days I wear an LL Bean Kids bright pink ski overall .... the padded silk outfit would be better. Maybe I will get one -- or give one to a deserving character.

MEGHAN: P.S - my real secret is that I write each and every children's book in the nude. This tactic really saves me valuable time on the laundry chores and that way i can get more work done!


Lisa Yee said...

I wear a Vera Wang gown, or sometimes Armani. And every now and then, sweats or jeans and a t-shirt, and slippers.

Stephanie Roth Sisson said...

...I've wondered about this one. I have wondered what the FedEx guy thinks when he comes to my door at 1 in the afternoon and I answer it wearing some odd combination of t-shirt and pajama pants and have my bright red cat glasses with the rinestones...my hair in the wild mass on top of my head a pencil lead smears on my face...probably thinks I have a drinking problem or something...

I sometimes use clothing to get myself out of a funk with work...There are times when I am so unmotivated and sometimes it helps to get "dressed" for work- like put on makeup, do the hair, get out some decent pants and shirt...then "go to work" by closing the door to my studio and pretending I am not in my home...mostly though, it's a pajama pant/t-shirt combo with fuzzy slippers.

Anonymous said...

Okay you BRGs,

This post really begs for visuals/photos. (Well, perhaps with the exclusion of Meghan's last addition.)


Meghan McCarthy said...

Oh come on, no one wants to see me naked? I think I have a pretty hot body...

that's probably too much information!