Thursday, October 12, 2006

the upside of being not focused

I present to you my top 5 great reasons for being not focused--

1: I wrote and recorded a song today. I can now blast this silly techno/chill out music complete with my own vocals using the new 150 dollar mic I bought yesterday, which I will write off because I'm going to make a dramatic audio version of my book Aliens Are Coming (yes, I know, this is very exciting... perhaps only to me)

2: I don't have any more dishes to wash

3: I've bought a lot of plastic bins to put things in. My new motto is the more containers, the better!

4: I stole some tintype photos from my parents' house and I have now arranged them in a pretty manner on my shelves

5: I've gotten myself all excited over my new makeshift studio. Okay, okay, I'm OBSESSED. I have a bad combination of ADD and obsessive compulsiveness. ALL I CAN DO RIGHT NOW IS MAKE MUSIC.

Ugh, it's all very draining. I tire myself out.

Now, this is the ONE reason I NEED TO BE FOCUSED! A book is due, damn it. What is wrong with me?

When I become more focused I'll write something proper. Probably in an hour... so stay tuned.

meghan miss distracted super star recording artist

p.s - if I can figure out how to put my music on the web, I'll let you all know. Anyone know how to do that? it's on my itunes.


Anonymous said...

it's not just me?

I have a dummy to finish so, I cleaned, I reorganized, and every closet I open seems to be screaming for plastic storage bins! (I didn't think of recording music! hmmm)
hoping to find my focus soon, very very soon!

Anna Alter said...

I am constantly fighting the urge to organize when I'm supposed to be working too! I wonder if the obsession with sticking things in Ikea bins is our brain's way of compensating for the dissarray and chaos that ensues when we paint?

Meghan McCarthy said...

Anna, i think you may have found the answer!

Good to hear i'm not alone. Anyone else like to find ikea bins or plastic storage items when you should be painting?

Libby Koponen said...

Anna that really is a brilliant explanation. I do the same thing -- usually in the days before focus begins. And it's not just storage bins but three-ring binder notebooks, with dividers for different topics, AND of course different notebooks for different projects.

I never made the connection between that and the disarray and chaos.....


And Meghan it was fun to read about your day! I want to hear the song/dramatic reading!

Agyw said...

Meghan, I love the idea of you recording your book! You might put a shout out to Chris Hamilton on the CW List, if he's still on. If that doesn't come up, let me know, I think I might know a few others to help out.

I'd sworn I was going to start painting once the kids were old enough. Except using the colored pencils in a grisaille fashion is what I feel my PB needs (my motto: let the story determine the mark). Sigh. Inexpensive, portable and long lasting, true. The downside if they fall the lead inside breaks and can be a B*T*H to work with, especially if getting to the art store and funding is limited and you only have ONE Black Cherry Prisma. We now have a kitten who loves to be near me, and lies on my light table when I'm at the puter and takes great delight in knocking whatever he can off the edge (oooooh! Gravity works!). Between that and moths, plastic containers away from wings, paws, fingers and my disorganization seems a mage's vision.

Blue Rose Girls said...

Of course, bins are neccessary to painting! Julia Cameron says so in The Artists Way. Creativity comes when your brain isn't preoccupied with things left undone.

Blue Rose Girls said...

The comment above is from Linda and does not represent the views or opinions of the Blue Rose Girls establishment...

Ha ha! Sorry about that.