Sunday, October 22, 2006

lots of work!

I've been super busy... in a stressful, crazed way.

1) I got the f&gs for my book a few weeks back. Yes, they're already here! Here are some opening spreads--

endpapers - I was going to paint pictures for these but I kind of like the dots. What do you think?

title page -

page one - atlas gets off the boat (see early post about progression) -

page two - atlas gets beat up. aw.

page three - atlas gets picked on some more. double aw.

So that's the F&G. Of course it's not finished yet! As usual, the backmatter is sorely lacking. I must get to work on that!

The second project on the plate is a book about Pale Male. Here's page one for that. Lot's of work to go!

And finally... I'm hard at work on ---


Soon you will be able to download the companion to aliens on audio. I've been recording various noises.... and collecting fun 50s type songs to give the reading a campy feel. I will also be making the audio version available on disk, complete with my own fancy design. Okay... I'll admit... this is just too much fun for me. I'm like a 5yr old in the candy isle. I need to stop and get back to working on the book!



Grace Lin said...

wow, that was fast! good for you. I usully like painted endpapers, but the dots aren't too bad...

Anonymous said...


Way fun to post your f&g's! I love seeing them! Dots, Yes! What does the cover look like?

Now tell more about the stories. New book about Pale Male? What is the story?

Enjoying every bit,

Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

this book looks great! you must feel relieved!!!

Meghan McCarthy said...

My book about Pale Male is about the hawk in NYC. It's another nonfiction book. Perhaps I'll explain in a post soon.

Jarrett, I wish I could be relieved but the minute I turned that one in I had to start on another. Plus, Atlas isn't done yet. The backmatter is unfinished. Ugh! Of course, I'm not trying to do a book tour while working on a book. That must be hard!