Thursday, October 26, 2006

Know any teenagers who love to read?

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers is re-launching their Hip Scout program!

Know a teen who loves to read? They might make a perfect Hip Scout: we send Hip Scouts a selection of free advance galleys of our upcoming YA novels, and they send us a short review about the book. This way not only do teens get to read books months before they’re available in stores or libraries, but we get advance feedback from real readers!

So if you know any teenagers at least 13 years old or over—-your kids, your friends’ kids, your kids’ friends, anyone-—who would like to be a Hip Scout, just send an email to the address below to get all the information to how to sign them up.


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Agyw said...

Thanks for the heads up, Alvina. both my daughters are avid readers, though one is only seven (future YA reader). I've sent for more information, so G can make the decision for herself.