Monday, October 30, 2006

Original Art Show

I tried posting this over the weekend and ran in to problems, and then decided to just make this my Monday post.

Here are a few pics from the Original Art Show at the Society of Illustrators last Thursday night. Two of the books I edited made it into the show, which was really exciting: Hippo! No, Rhino and Chowder. And both Jeff Newman and Peter Brown made it out--Jeff all the way from Milwaukee:
And Peter all the way from Brooklyn:
It was a great event, although, as Meghan said, it was really crowded. And hot. When I've gone in the past, I've usually left early to escape the crowds, but this time I stayed for almost the whole thing--funny, I never knew there were actually awards and speeches given at the event.

It was great to see a lot of familiar faces, including many I haven't seen a while--faces from the LA SCBWI, former colleagues, editors, artists, agents, even Margaret Tice from the NYPL. And I even got to finally meet Ms. Cheryl Klein for the first time!

And here's Meghan's piece. She refused to pose in front of it:(Meghan, when you get that piece back, I think you should pose with someone else in a gallery, holding that painting, and wearing masks.)

One of my most favorite moments at work is when final art comes in for an upcoming picture book. No matter how perfect the printing of the book is, it's still not the same as seeing the original art in person. I love seeing the different styles and techniques and media up close. This is what's great about the Original Art Show, too--so many wonderful artists' work all in one place, from Jon Muth, to Jerry Pinkney, to Mo Willems, to Jeanette Winter. So, if you're in the NY area, the exhibit will be up until November 24, so go check it out, and say hi to Hippo and Chowder for me. You can find exhibit hours (and not much else--I hate how hard it is to navigate the SOI website, does anyone else have this problem?) here. It's free!


victoria said...

This was my first year going to the opening, and I was totally bedazzled like a 1980s jacket! It was a little overwhelming to realize that the fellow next to me at the carrot tray was Boris Kulikov, and that I was standing a foot away from the Lewins. I think the highlight of my evening was when my boss introduced me to Mo Willems-- I'm still all a-tremble just thinking about it...

Anyway, it's a really great show, and it made me realize, very vividly, how many talented illustrators are working today. It was great to see such a wide variety of styles- very inspirational for my own work, and I'm sure for other illustrators out there. Congratulations to you both, Meghan & Alvina! Your piece looked great, Meghan- I didn't realize you worked in such a large format! And the Chowder painting was very arresting, even from across the room! I somehow missed the Rhino piece in the crowd, but I'll be sure to take a look when I go back again...

Anonymous said...


Where do I go to make my cupcake vote. This is waaaaay fun! Society of Illustrators, awards, parties and best of all, photographs for those of us out in the hinterlands.

You guys are the bestest.


alvinaling said...

KT--on the main page of our blog there's a link on the right for the cupcake contest. There's still time to vote!