Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cupcake Contest Results!!

Our first Blue Rose Cupcake Contest is over! Thank you all who voted. Our winner is (drum roll please)....

Katherine Tillotson!

Please choose your cupcake flavor from Grace's last post and contact us via your shipping info at bluerosegirls at gmail dot com and then wait anxiously for your 6 delectable cupcakes!

How did Katherine become our lucky winner? Well, Alvina's post "How I edit" won as the most popular post (garnering her the other 6 cupcakes!) and she chose Katherine's name out of a hat.

Bummed you didn't win? Don't worry, there'll be another cupcake contest soon. Just stay tuned!


alvinaling said...


And who am I to turn down cupcakes? But I do think Grace deserves to win, because she had the most people vote for the largest variety of her posts. But since Grace is making the cupcakes, no doubt she'll be keeping a few or a dozen to eat for herself. But maybe the other BRGs will be sending her some of their own cupcake creations, too.

Thanks for voting for me, everyone! I'll try to come up with more "How I..." posts in the future. Suggestions are welcome, just comment here.

And if you live in NYC, maybe I'll share my cupckaes with you.

Anonymous said...

Oh darn... I was hoping to win those cupcakes. But I think Katherine is so awesome, and so I hope she enjoys her sweet treats ;).

Nancy said...

Oh no! I was counting on those cupcakes for an upcoming mope! Now I'll have to stay cheerful...

Anonymous said...

Bummer for me--no cupcakes.

Suggested "How I..." post (and not just for Alvina):

How I read, evaluate, think about, ___, pb mss. (For you multi-talented BRGs, I'm referring to other people's mss.)

I'd love to know.


Anonymous said...

Oh goody!

Cupcakes are a comin'