Saturday, November 25, 2006

Question of the Week: Photos

Our new question of the week is a continuation of our last question:What do you wear while you are working? It takes us a long time to take pictures,which is why we haven't posted the question of the week for the last couple of weeks (note to self, no future Q of W that require photo answers) but it was worth the wait, right?

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This is what I wear when I am working at home. We have been trying not to turn on the heat, so that is why I am wearing a hat. Also, I just like the hat-- I stole it from my sister.

This is what I wear when I go to a school visit or other type of event outside the home. Strange how I wear a hat inside but not out, huh?

Here's a sampling of what I wear to work


Here is me in my studio in a typical work outfit. My roommate made the t-shirt. Anyone know where the quote comes from?

Here is a typical school visit outfit.

For book signings I like to sport another kind of bunny shirt! Alvina gave me this one for my birthday.


I don't ALWAYs work in pajamas, but more often than not, at least for my first writing of the day, this is how I look:

When I do school visits, I wear casual clothes in bright colors, not business clothes. This suits what I do and how I interact with the students.

If I am speaking to a large audience (as here), I wear something like this:

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