Thursday, November 09, 2006


Blogger won't let me post photos so I'm putting this thang on my blog (yes, it's hidden!). I couldn't help but make a few comments.

Look at it now because it won't be lasting in cyber space long! I have a reputation to uphold!




p.s - If you like it, let me know. If you're disgusted, let me know that too!


Bonnie Branson said...

bad spanky bad.

Anonymous said...

That looks like some party!

Anna Alter said...

Ha ha ha! Hilarious.

It is amazing what is, and is not edited out of books.

Reminds me of this sock monkey artist, who takes some cute, some rather disturbing photos of sock monkeys:

Anonymous said...

Is there something wrong with me that I can look at this and see nothing wrong? I know I can be naive, but I kind of see this as making images out of clouds. We, the viewers, are making things up.

The dog pictures in the earlier sample...I see a DOG! You made me see what some of you also see in addition to a dog, but on my own, I never would have come up with that.

Anna, you mention things being edited out of books, but what if no one notices during production?

People read things into stories the same way they read things into images. It's fun, but is it important?


Meghan McCarthy said...

Like I'd said before, I wasn't the one to notice these things first. But once you seem them, you can't not!

The dog could definitely be non deliberate, but not these. As an illustrator I know how aware artists are of EVERY detail. One or two things in a book okay, but not that many! I think this was on purpose. Anyone else? Agree? Disagree?

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Hey, they embedded a tiny, Zippy the Pinhead strip in the book somewhere:

Are you telling me that a maraca is never just a maraca?

Linda S. Wingerter said...

I didn't see the dog right off, but the pom poms... those are pretty crazy.

I just find all this interesting when I'm often very limited as an illustrator by anxious art directors, often for things that seemed such a long shot anyone would care about. I KNOW at least 98% of my art directors would have said: move the pom poms.

Anonymous said...

Betsy Tacy warns about the hidden things in Curious George books, and gives gifting advice to boot.