Friday, November 03, 2006


I missed my post on Thursday because I'm in crisis mode. My laptop broke and the hard-drive needs to be erased. AAAAA!!!!!! EVERYTHING is on that thing. I was in a hurry and tripped over the power cord and down it came.

I'm also still working on two books. All if this is making me C-R-A-Z-Y. I've lost my keys, my book contracts (blowing down some NY street), I got a flat tire on the FDR, the apartment didn't have water yesterday and more fun things. I can't find my shoes or my socks or my pens and my apartment reflects the mess in my brain. I TRIED just now to vacuum the floor and blew a fuse. Now most of the apartment doesn't have electricity. Wonderful. I have to take a shower and go to RH and then work. I guess I'll be showering in the dark!

The artwork I turn in also reflects the mess in my brain. This is what the corners of my paintings look like... Okay, my old computer with the old browser won't let me post pictures. Super. Just imagine it looks like a big mess (paint splotches everywhere).

Lastly, stay tuned for my next HIDDEN THINGS post. I will post tomorrow when I check the book out. You don't want to miss it!

p.s - if I don't post it means I've checked myself into a mental hospital

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Anonymous said...

I think you deserve a cupcake. Or four.

Sending you and your laptop good vibes, Meghan, and I LOVE all the art you've posted. I'm sure your painting corners are lovely.

Vacuuming is overrated.