Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I'm not going to make any comments this time. I'll let you look at the pictures. This is from a book called Rocko and SPANKY go to a Party. They are sock MONKEYS. I must also add that I love Ugly Fish, also by the same author (illustrated by someone else). It's a risky book but I love it.

Okay, once again Blogger won't let me post pictures. Come ON BLOGGER!

Stay tuned. Pehaps later today I can post them.


long live children's books


alvinaling said... sad. I want to see this. Try posting pics from a different browser? For some reason, sometimes that works for me.

Meghan McCarthy said...

My laptop is broken and my desktop only works with one OLD browser that keeps freezing. If anyone wants to post the pics for me say the word! I can't do it.