Saturday, December 02, 2006

speech help!

Okay, I have ZERO time to come up with something because I have to go to work all day today... and night!

I have to talk for 10-15 min or so. What would you want to hear? I can throw in lots of visuals.

Things I was thinking of--

A bio--how I got into art, how my grades were less than stellar in the younger years because I was too busy day dreaming, etc.

How I got my first contract--nyc stuff

My process--how I get my ideas, how I do research for nonfiction, etc.

There are a lot of things I could focus on I guess I need to zoom in on one, right? Or should I ramble on about everything?

If any of you have any opinions, please let me know! I'm in big trouble here! This is what happens when a Q&A is turned into a presentation event and the author is only informed two days prior! Don't do that to busy authors!



Anonymous said...

Meghan, any of those will work, truly. I'd be most interested to hear about your process, even the specifics of How To Make Art. I'd also like to hear about the path you took to get into children's book illustration.

10-15 minutes will fly. The trick will be to keep it that short once you get started.

Good luck, but you won't need it.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear about your process and how you broke into the business. People always like behind-the-scenes skinny.

Oh, and throw in some humor. :)

Anonymous said...

I third, your process and path. Plus, if you have any visuals of a work in progress, or the early stages of your process (or even the "tools of the trade" kind of thing) it would make it that much more interesting.

Good luck!

roz said...

Process and then how you broke into children's illustration.
You'll do great.