Saturday, March 27, 2010

$ and Writing: What People Said

When good stories are summarized, something is lost -- so I think it's best to let the comments on my Money and Writing poll/post from last week tell their own stories: I was surprised and moved by how open the stories people told were.

Mary Jane! 37,000 and 67,000 copies sold is a lot by ANY country's standard. Jeff! Congratulations to you on two books about to be published. Liana, Sally, Hazel, Mary, Elspeth, Steve, Karen, Officegirl, Laurie, Annie, Doreen, Melissa, and Anonymous: thank you. I was surprised by everything people said, except that those who worked at something else and wrote, too, found that hard. I personally think it gets harder as you grow older. When I was in my thirties and I worked 50 hours a week and wrote in the evenings and on weekends; now (like most of the people who answered) I work part-time.

But read what people said if you haven't: it's fascinating. And encouraging.

Supported at some point (I counted money like my Fidelity money and Jeff's severance pay as "support"): 7

Not ever supported: (I counted knowing parents would help but not being supported by them as "not supported" -- though maybe I shouldn't have! That is a nice security net and not everyone has it) 9

Published: 10

Not published: 6

--others might count things differently, and the interesting part of this to me was what people said, not the numbers.....though I guess if we had more numbers and knew more about statistics, we could say something meaningful about the numbers too.

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