Friday, March 05, 2010

A Wedding Poem & Pictures

In January, Grace asked if I would do a poetry reading at her wedding. I felt honored that she asked. Then I started to wonder if I should search for a grand love poem written by a great poet--or write my own. I asked Janet Wong for advice. She suggested that we both write poems, send them to each other, and then "cobble" a poem together written by the two of us. We knew whose words would inspire our wedding poem for Grace and Alex.

A Wedding Poem for Grace and Alex

Where the mountain meets the moon
everything sparkles like raindrops in the sun.
Here at the top of the world
we feel light as clouds.
We dance in the air.

Here on the shimmering summit
we bind ourselves together
with an invisible cord of love.
Our dreams entwine, our hopes
for the future are now one.

We smile thankfully up to the sky
as we become husband and wife.
The two of us will walk hand in hand,
side by side through life, sharing
joys and sorrows, looking ahead--

to our wonderful tomorrows.

Janet Wong and Elaine Magliaro

Raise a cupcake and cheer for the happy newlyweds!


At Wild Rose Reader, I have an original poem that I wrote about Grace's wedding.

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jama said...

Sigh. What a lovely poem, ladies! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

Liz in Ink said...

The perfect occasional poem, especially that first line :)

Elaine Magliaro said...

Jama & Liz--

Thanks. It was a perfect wedding. I was so happy I could contribute to Grace's special day.

Mary Lee said...

Lovely love-filled poem! Thanks for sharing!

Libby Koponen said...

Oh Elaine! So lovely. Made me cry all over again.

yamster said...

How beautiful!