Sunday, November 19, 2006

a blue rose cupcake

As the winner(s) of our first cupcake contest was announced,I thought you might like to see what it takes to make a Blue Rose Girl cupcake. These prizes are no run-of-the-mill treat. We make Blue Rose Girl Cupcakes as we do everything: planned, carefully crafted and cared for, guaranteeing a sweetness that cannot come from a box.

The first step is to make the blue chocolate roses. This took much thinking to come up with, as I knew icing roses would not survive. And I still can't master that frosting tip.

Then, mixing batter for the requested gingerbread with candied ginger cupcakes. The mixing is done by hand to infuse the blue rose girl tender loving care. (No, really it's done by hand because I don't own a mixer. I'm hoping Santa will bring me one of those fancy standing ones for Christmas. Maybe in pink. Or red. Or blue. Okay, I'm digressing...)

The batter is baked and they are cupcakes! Yum! By the way, the hat is stolen from my sister and I'm very attached to it. Also, it substitutes as a hairnet.

Those cupcakes are naked! Get some candied ginger frosting and a chocolate blue rose on them, please. That's indecent.

Now that's what I like to see.

Hope they'll be safe in there. Off they go express to NYC and California. Will they make it? Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

You MADE the blue roses? You are too much Ms. Chef Grace. Love the chef's hat!

Don't forget to mention that you carefully taped the bottom of each cupcake frilly cup to the bottom of the BRG cupcake carrier.


Elaine Magliaro said...

Okay, we're going to franchise your cupcake operation--and we'll call it The Blue Rose Bakery. We'll locate little bakery shops close to libraries and children's book stores.

You can bake specialty lines of children's literature pastries: Little Red Riding Cakes, Dim Sum Dainties, Blow Out the Moon Cakes, Three Little Pig Pies--the possibilities are endless! You can serve Polar Espresso with the sweets.

Here's your first order: (And I want the goodies in time for Thanksgiving--thank you very much!)
One dozen gingerbread with candied ginger frosting
One dozen carrot with cream cheese frosting

For Christmas, I want two dozen chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting and, dare I request it?, RED roses!

Robert, get Grace that mixer before Christmas--she's going to need it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my!

I can't get passed the coolness of the BRG cupcake carrier logo!

Anonymous said...

I'm salivating, and I'm not even a fan of candied ginger. I used to eat it to help with motion sickness, but it never worked. Now I get motion sick just from eating it.

I don't have a mixer, either. I hope you get one. I vote for red.

They're beautiful cupcakes!


Elizabeth O. Dulemba said...

When's the next contest again?

Anonymous said...

I'm with tammi -- the logo on the cupcake carrier is just wicked awesome (I can say that, I'm from Massachusetts)....

alvinaling said...

I'm with KT--you MADE the blue roses? They were delicious. I heartily enjoyed the cupcakes, as did the 4 other people I gave one to (had to save two for myself, of course!).

alvinaling said...

and I meant "they" as in the whole cupcakes, not just the blue roses, of course!