Friday, February 16, 2007

books I liked

I meant to post this yesterday, but ran out the door and never came back!

I was trying to come up with something to say yesterday and then started thinking about what books I liked to look at -alone-when I was a kid.

A few came to mind.

MUD TIME AND MORE - 1979. (it must have been my parent's book first! My sister and I liked to write our names in books that weren't actually became a competition!)

I loved looking at these simple drawings and "reading" the story. I think this is fitting in light of the Caldecott winner.

Then there was this book-- THE LITTLES AND THEIR FRIENDS - 1981 (has my name on it and a "RIF" stamp)

I went hunting for the littles! I never found any, sadly.

That gets me to thinking. Could I make a wordless book? What would it be about? Does my style even lend itself to that sort of thing? What if I did nonfiction that way? That would be weird, right?

What are your favorite wordless books? There aren't that many but they're out there!



fusenumber8 said...

It hasn't come out yet, but check out Shaun Tan's, "The Arrival" in October of this year. So so so so good. And wordless to boot.

Libby Koponen said...

I always, always liked words and still find books without them & even comics really hard to understand. I can read words much faster than I can read pictures.

My sisters and I used to write our names in books, too, and still laugh whenever we come across copies that say things like "To dear Susan Koponen from Grandma" in six or seven year old handwriting.

Thanks for posting this, I love hearing about other people's childhoods.

Maxwell Eaton III said...

Who illustrated "Mud Time and more"? I looks great.

Erin said...

Flotsam is fun. :o)

gail said...

Besides Wiesner, off hand these wordless PB’s come to mind.

Van Allsburg’s “Just a Dream” is mostly wordless. (Or is it “Ben’s Dream”?)
“Time Flies” by Eric Rohmann (pre My Friend Rabbit)
“The Red Book” by Barbara Lehman.
“The Snowman” by Raymond Briggs
“Good Dog, Carl” by Alexandra Day.
(And the rest of the Carl books.)

Some older titles you may still be able to find...

“The Little Mouse Trapped in a Book” and
“The Further Adventure of...” By Monique Felix
Very cool little books!

“The Angle and the Soldier Boy”
“Little Pickle”
“The Tooth Fairy”
“On Christmas Eve”
all by Peter Collington.
I remember most of “The Angle and the Soldier Boy”, even though I haven’t picked it up for 15 years. My kids used to love “reading” “Little Pickle” all by them selves.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Mud Time and More book looks awesome! And, my brother and I loved that Littles book, too!!!

Thanks for sharing!!