Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Upcoming Interview

Be sure to stop by Blue Rose Girls on Friday for my interview with

and a review of their new book



ElsKushner said...

Oh, how very cool! Janet Wong came to my school last year and she was the warmest, most personable person-- and inspiring, too. She had kids from kindergarten to 8th grade writing poems and just eating out of her hand. Not to mention that she's a terrific writer. Can't wait to read the interview. And the book is going right on my order list!

Elaine Magliaro said...

Janet is a dynamic speaker, too. I met her a few years ago at a children's literature institute at Simmons College in Boston. She is most definitely personable--and she has a wonderful sense of humor. I have been an admirer of her work since I read her first book of poems GOOD LUCK GOLD.