Thursday, February 22, 2007

Two books, same subject

I forgot it's my day to post... again!

Here's the topic for today:

This week I bought Jeanette Winter's book -- The Tale of Pale Male; A True Story

This week I saw the first proofs for my book - City Hawk; The Story of Pale Male

The similarities and differences are fascinating!

I have to run out the door but when I get back I'll explain so please stay tuned...

In the meantime, have any of you had a book published and seen another on the same subject? If you haven't, what would you do/feel if that happened?


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Grace Lin said...

Well, when my book "Dim Sum For Everyone!" came out, the book "Yum, Yum Dim Sum" by Amy Wilson Sanger came out soon after. I remember feeling kind of irritated! But our books were noticeably different, hers was a board book with photo-collages; mine had characters and the history of dim sum back matter. Fascinating how we both made books celebrating the cuisine, but very different. Hers is more popular, which kind of bums me out.