Wednesday, February 07, 2007

will you come to my party?

As I look back at my publishing career, my biggest regret is that I never had a book party. When that first book came out, there was no fanfare, no balloons or cake, not even a proud phone call. Just the quiet ripping open of a cardboard box.

I'm not sure why I've never celebrated my book publications. Perhaps it was the hustle and bustle of life and schedules, matched with bare bones practicality. "Isn't a book party rather indulgent?" one half of my brain would say to the other, "Do you really need to spend your time and money on that?" And if that wasn't convincing, insecurities filled in the cracks, "Who would you invite anyway? Would they even come? They'd all think you were just showing off."

Well, no more. I think it's about time I celebrated some of the things I'm happy about in my life, and that includes my books. My next book, Lissy's Friends, is scheduled to be released on the same day as my birthday (May 17th) and it has a doll to boot. I think I should have a party. I really want it to be fun, special, unusual and memorable. Does anyone have any creative ideas?

And you'll come too, right?


Elaine Magliaro said...

I'm coming, I'm baking the cake, I'm bringing the champagne and caviar! And...I'm buying ten copies of the book...and a bunch of Lissy dolls! Can't wait till May.

alvinaling said...

What happened to your cruise idea? That would be fun.

Maybe you should have your party at a bakery. Is there a bookstore bakery anywhere? Oh, Books of Wonder, kind of. Come to NY!

May 17 is actually at the same time as IRA in Toronto--I'm not yet sure which days I'll be there, but if I'm not there, I'll definitely come to your party.

Grace Lin said...

The cruise was Libby's idea, where you break plates and throw them in the ocean...I don't want people to get the wrong idea and throw my books in the ocean though!

I probably won't have the party exactly on the 17th...

Libby Koponen said...

I will be there whether we get to throw our plates in the ocean or not....I had always wanted to have a party on a boat, with a great dinner -- and at the end, when everyone was done eating, they would just hurl their plates into the ocean.

But cupcakes sound great too!

LISSY'S FRIENDS is a beautiful book and whatever you do to celebrate it -- and your career--will be fun. Count me in!

Anna Alter said...

Of course I'm in!

And I LOVE the doll!! It is adorable, but the best part is that it looks exactly like your characters, I could tell right away who it was. At first I thought they might just try to dress up a caucasian doll and call it asain, but it looks like they took a lot of care with making Lissy.


gail said...

Have a party! Have a party! You deserve one. Especially with it being your birthday. And what's a birthday party without goodie bags! You need cupcakes and goodie bags! Go ahead and celebrate. You've worked hard for it. Congratulations on the book and the doll!

p.s. What a great day for a birthday, it's the same day as my daughter's. She'll be 21!

tumbletell said...

if it is on a weekend, we three can probably come. cupcakes and origami would be so fun!

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Ooo me too! I want to come! Happy Happy Happy to you! I just got your new book in the mail yesterday and I am thrilled! Thank you so much for sending me such a beautiful package! I LOVE it! The gold paper wrap and the Origami crane are so lovely!