Thursday, February 15, 2007

this post isn't worthy of a title

When I checked the blog I was sad to see that there were no new posts today. Then I realized that it's my day to post! Ooops. I've been super busy not doing what I'm supposed to. Again. My latest insanity is to write a kids' song to go with my Mona Lisa book. I actually posted part of it on the web but I can't bring myself to share it.

I'm working on my book about astronauts. So, what are some things you want to know about them? Please, tell me! Perhaps I'll answer them in the book.

When I come up with something more insightful to share, I'll do so.


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Anonymous said...

Here's what I'd like to know about astronauts:

* Do astronauts have imaginations? cuz if I were an astronaut, I'd definitely think I thought I saw something move on the other side of that crater
* Do astronauts giggle when they ride jet planes? (and say things like, "This thing is sooo slow")
* What size diapers would an astronaut wear if an astronaut would wear diapers?

Looking forward to the book...