Monday, February 05, 2007

Lunch Box Extravaganza

This weekend I was invited to visit the lovely Portland, Maine for the Lunch Box series, a monthly event that brings authors and illustrators to the city to speak with kids about their work. The event is organized by Curious City, a fabulous company that comes up with creative ways to get books in kid's hands. They were a pleasure to work with and orchestrated the event like real pros!

My presentation covered a little about where I grew up and why I became an artist, then showed the kids some art and talked about technique. The event really focused on process (these kids know a LOT about books!)... after my talk everyone took part in an art activity based around how I make my illustrations. See below a kiddo's gorgeous version of Francine, from my book Francine's Day. Note the very sophisticated "cross-hatching" technique used on the shirt!

The kid below is the cutest. After I did a demonstration of how I draw Francine, the kids were invited to come up and color her in. This one could barely reach but was very creative!

All in all a great event, and a needed break from my deadline inspired hibernation!


alvinaling said...

I love the children's art! Looks like it was a great event.

Agyw said...

Oh Anna, I wish I'd known! You were fifteen minutes away! Is this the program through the Portland Public Library?

Love the kid art, and that you enjoyed yourself so much. Too bad it wasn't warmer! Perhaps next time Maine entices you, I'd love to meet you!

Anna Alter said...

Hi Agy,

The event was not at the library, it took place at the Space gallery downtown. They have monthly events with authors, you should go check it out!

Not sure when I'll be back in Portland, but I'll be sure to post about it beforehand next time...

Jarrett J. Krosoczka said...

The Lunch Box series is amazing! Looks like your event was a lot of fun!